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Special Populations: Tobacco’s Targets

Identifiable segments of the population are uniquely and unfairly targeted by the millions of dollars spent in Maine by the tobacco industry. Tobacco targeting puts these specific populations at high risk, and does so with deadly ramifications. Mental and physical health, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation can dictate how an individual is affected by tobacco use, tobacco messaging, treatment, and quitting success. The tobacco industry is relentless in taking advantage of these disparities.

Get more information about the differences in the patterns, prevention, and treatment of tobacco use among specific populations by reading Health Disparities from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Working to Reach Those at Risk

Reaching populations at particular risk for tobacco use and tobacco related disease is paramount in our work toward tobacco use prevention. By identifying these special populations and continuing to further the knowledge and research within each segment, our communities are better able to identify strategies for eliminating disparities and to create tools, services and effective anti-tobacco communication to reach them.

Be Part of Our Mission

Community members serve as leaders in the fight against the influence of Big Tobacco on targeted populations. The Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine seeks members of these at-risk populations, their supporters, and professionals who work with them.

We are looking for:

Take the Next Step

Lean more about who is unfairly targeted by the tobacco industry by exploring our Special Populations pages. Contact PTM to be part of the goal of eliminating tobacco targeting.

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