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Providers: Helping to Meet Maine's Goals

Maine providers represent a crucial step in tobacco prevention and treatment. Physicians, health care workers, social service workers, and representatives of non-profit service organizations who interact with patients and clients are able to provide guidance, resources, and treatment options that could help them end their dependence on tobacco. Providers are agents for assessment, education, counsel, and treatment and can guide tobacco users toward support and self-management.

The goal of the Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine is to increase the capacity of clinicians to provide services, enhance their ability to address issues of prevention and secondhand smoke, and provide training to individuals, physicians offices and clinics.

The Provider's Role in Tobacco Treatment

70% of smokers say they want to quit, but few succeed without help. However, smokers consistently cite a doctor’s advice to quit as an important motivator for attempting to stop smoking. The provider’s role includes:

The Public Health Service Guidelines for Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence provides evidence based strategies and recommendations for tobacco treatment.

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The Social Service Worker’s Role in Treatment

Social Service workers are important resources to their clients. Social service workers who are trained in tobacco intervention help to expand the reach of treatment services, and through brief interventions using the Five A’s they can be effective in helping clients quit. It ony takes about a minute.

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The Maine Tobacco HelpLine: Support leads to success.

The Maine Tobacco Helpline, established to provide over-the-phone clinical treatment for Maine tobacco users who want to quit, has achieved a 21% long term quit rate – an outcome that is three times higher than results seen with smokers who quit on their own.

In addition to providing access to nicotine replacement therapy for smokers without insurance, The Maine Tobacco Helpline plays a fundamental role in supporting the efforts of clinicians, professionals, friends, and family of tobacco users.

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Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists

The Maine Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification Program helps to facilitate training for the certification process of The Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS-C), and is a key program in the state’s work toward expanding the reach of cessation.

The TTS is a trained health professional who specializes in the treatment of tobacco dependence as part of his or her professional role. By demonstrating the knowledge and skills to provide current and effective treatment for tobacco dependence, these specialists serve as a resource for other healthcare professionals.

Learn more about the Maine Tobacco Treatment Specialist Certification Program.

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