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Media Campaigns & Outreach Materials

Tobacco companies will spend almost $70 million dollars in Maine this year in an attempt to replace customers who quit smoking, or die from using their product. Marketing campaigns are a critical component in combating the influential promotional activities of this multi-billion dollar industry.

Counter marketing efforts, memorable TV messaging and radio spots, along with the accompanying outreach materials, increase awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco use, saves lives, reduces illness, and lessen the economic burdens of tobacco use. They also achieve goals in the areas of policy change, enforcement, environmental change, and community involvement.

Prevention Depends on Promotion in Our Communities

We can only realize the work of prevention when communities carry out and fulfill the messages of these media campaigns locally. Communities can also help by creating their own campaign that highlights the outstanding work of their HMP.

Adopt effective strategies for a PR campaign surrounding your local promotion efforts, including publicizing recognition and achievement by local HMPs. Read Getting Mileage in the Media from Your Local Hero Awards (page 7.)

The Deception of Tobacco-Sponsored Campaigns

Tobacco sponsored prevention has been found to be politically motivated, ineffective, and designed to more effectively target kids with their products. As public health, community, and youth leaders in Maine, it is critical that we encourage the rejection of youth prevention programs sponsored by tobacco companies in favor of better, proven methods of prevention from state and nonprofit programs around the state. Read What’s Behind the Tobacco Industry’s Youth Antismoking Programs.

Current Media Campaigns


The Great Outdoors. Now Even Greater.

Fresh air and unspoiled spaces -- our outdoors is a better place without cigarettes and secondhand smoke. Maine law LD 67 makes common areas in our state parks and state historic sites smoke-free. These areas include:, playgrounds, snack bars, picnic shelters, business facilities, and any enclosed public place or public restroom. Listen to the radio spots or download the posters and rack cards.

Radio Spots:
Simple Idea
Take a Breath

Print Ad:
Large Poster
Small Poster
Rack Card

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Wherever You Live and Breathe, Go Smoke-Free

PTM's newest campaign is set to launch in Summer 2008. The campaign, encourages parents not to smoke around their children by educating them about the serious dangers of secondhand smoke. In addition, these messages are meant to spread the word about Maine's new law banning smoking in cars with minors that goes into effect on September 1, 2008.

Campaign Overview

TV Spots:

It’s Like They Are Smoking
Nowhere to Hide

Radio Spots:

Baby Jack

Some Kids

Print Ad:

Trapped Ad

Outreach Brochure Cards:

Outreach Brochure Card – Home

Outreach Brochure Card – Car

For available campaign outreach materials go to Order Materials.

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Got A Minute?

Got A Minute? (Give it to Your Kids) is a social marketing campaign prepared for state and local use for prevention and control programs by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The cornerstone of the campaign is encouraging parents to take the time to talk to their kids about tobacco, and to openly and consistently share their attitudes about risky behaviors. The campaign takes into account that open discussion has proven to be more influential than the actual behaviors of parents. Read more about the Got a Minute? campaign.   

Representation of all the communities and schools in the HMP has been integral to its success. School personnel play a key role in helping community partners understand some of the issues that schools experience with less involved parents, and community partners bring a community perspective of the issue to the group. To fulfill this collaboration, HMPs and school partners formed workgroups and developed a plan for reaching time-constrained parents.

Since the launch of this campaign, all 28 HMPs elected to implement the Got A Minute? program as part of their workplan in a total of 59 sites and have helped make this campaign successful by distributing brochures, making presentations to parents, and using media. In those HMPs that used media, 67.4% of adults reached by the Got A Minute? message in the Portland/Auburn area, 93.9% of the adults in the Bangor area, and 53.7% of adults in the Augusta/Waterville area.

To get the Got A Minute? Outreach Kit go to Order Materials.

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Tobacco Never Quits

Tobacco Never Quits is a public awareness TV campaign that features information about how the tobacco industry targets 18-year olds and college students, and serves as an appeal to parents to keep the conversation going with their children about the dangers of tobacco.

In focus groups, many parents thought their kids were at a much lower risk than they used to be when it comes to tobacco influences. The 2007 launch of Tobacco Never Quits works to counteract these beliefs, and was created to communicate with parents about the insidious efforts of the tobacco industry in a way that is both startling and disturbing. Read about the launch of this campaign: Raising the Red Flag Again.

This initiative has reached more than 90% of the Maine population. In the Portland/Auburn area, 100% of adults were exposed to TV ads, and 77% to radio ads; in the Bangor area, 99.4% were exposed to TV and 60% to radio.

To get the Tobacco Never Quits Outreach Kit go to Order Materials.

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Other Media Campaigns

Since it's inception the Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine has created several counter marketing campaigns aimed at achieving goals in the areas of policy change, enforcement, environmental change, taxes, and community involvement. Visit Marketing Against Tobacco for an extensive list of past television, radio, and print ads. Also, go to Order Materials for available resources to support these campaign messages.

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