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It's The Law!

Every employer must establish a written policy governing smoking in the workplace that, at a minimum, complies with current Maine law.  The Maine Smoking Act of 1985 applies to all enclosed areas of business facilities in Maine where employees perform work and for which the employer is responsible.  The process of developing the policy may be negotiated through the collective bargaining process in some workplaces. 

Employers are responsible for:

Smoking is banned in ALL:

Employers in Maine may only allow smoking outdoors, at least 20 feet from entrances, windows, vents and doorways.  Smoking can never be allowed in any location that will allow smoke to circulate back into the building.

Maine employers may not refuse to hire tobacco users.  Employers may not require, as a condition of employment, that employees or prospective employees not use tobacco when they are not at work.  Employers may not discriminate against employees who use tobacco outside of employment.

Research shows that up to 70% of Maine's smokers would like to quit.  Please provide the number of the free, confidential Maine Tobacco HelpLine at 1-800-207-1230 for your employees.


Develop and Implement a Workplace Smoke-Free Policy

Creating a smoke-free workplace may be one of the best business moves you ever make. Download the Good Work! Kit for resources to assist you with meeting the requirements of the Workplace Smoking Act. There are also sample workplace policies available that you can use as a template for creating your own policy. Find out more information for employers by viewing our Workplaces page.

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